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Saturday, June 3, 2017

YOU TUBE STAR Ice Poseidon messed with by COPS continuously

The Adventures of ICE POSEIDON

in California

This guy is a TOP YOU TUBE STAR.  There's no telling what he makes because people send him loads of money constantly and he hands out $500 tips for a haircut.  I wonder if he ever uses BITCOIN?  

Anyway this is how the next generation makes a living.  Just doing CRAZY ECCENTRIC SHIT!  This is great! :-)

Maybe people are getting fed up for not being able to record today even though we are all under constant surveillance.  Here in the USA our FREEDOM of EXPRESSION and LIBERTIES are under attack continually.  Guys like Ice Poseidon have perhaps had enough and have taken to the streets to become a NON-THREATENING SUPER YOU TUBE STAR just to demonstrate how creepy America is getting...

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